Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hauling from The Big Apple

Hello lovelies, again, sorry for not posting for a few months again but I've been struggling with the summer semester and battling that along with 2 jobs for a while... Phew! Thank god that's over! So this summer has got to be one of the most meaningless ones I've had in my life, but thankfully I squeezed in a trip to New York City during my last week of summer for some retail therapy. It has been about a year and a half since I've set foot in the Big Apple, but since I'm from Toronto which is only an 8 hour drive away, I figured why not! 

As usual, going to the USA require some big shopping for us Canadians, so it all began at outlet malls and MAC. To be honest this isn't a huge haul but does include something super awesome to me... My first pair of brand new Jimmy Choos! 

These are my newest babies! They're the Jimmy Choo Vamp Pumps in Galactic Glitter! So I found these at the Jimmy Choo outlet when I was at Woodbury Common (heaven on earth for designer stores) and they were having 50% off storewide! Granted most of these shoes aren't the latest season, but I got these for $425! Even Kate Middleton owns a pair of these babies! I'm not normally one for spending loads on shoes (never owned a pair more than $150!), but my perspective has changed since getting older because I'd now rather have something that would last me years instead of being in this season. 

I bought the Lancome Hypnose Mascara at the new Lancome outlet at Woodbury again! I've never been there before since I believe it opened recently. This is my second tube of this stuff and it's amazing! It's the only high end mascara I buy! The price was unbelievable too since it's normally $34 at Sephora in Canada but I got it for $22 at the outlet! 

I got MAC's Rebel and Up the Amp Lipstick from the MAC Store in Times Square. Ofcourse I can get all this in Canada too, but man, it's so cheap to buy MAC in the USA! These lippies were $15 with barely any taxes, but in Canada they'll come to over $20 each after tax!

Nothing special, just another one of my favourites! This liner is one of my favourites aside from the Loreal because it's so black and so thin! 

I figured since I have an issue with remembering to put on sunscreen everyday, this will definitely help! It's a tinted stick sunscreen so it doubles as a foundation! I got it for $24 at the Duty Free Shop which was fabulous! This thing normally goes for $40+!

See! Told you guys it wasn't a huge haul. I'm thinking of putting out a humble little shoe collection post. What do you guys think! Let me know!

Loves, Erica


  1. I loveeee those shoes!!! You can wear them when we have our karaoke night ;)

    Your comment on my post made my day! You seriously said everything that I've been feeling lately. It sucks because everyone is always talking about how much partying and fun their having in college and I'm sitting at home with my boyfriend just chilling lol.