Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shoes, Cameras & Life

Hello my pretty ladies. It feels so nice to be back on the blogging scene after my 5 month hiatus! If you knew me from my old blog, many things have changed such as where I live, what I use, etc! Let's begin with the basic stuffs.

Throughout the entire time that I was writing my old blog to about September of last year, I lived at home with my parents. Since last fall I started my first semester of University, I have moved into a fabulous suite style dorm room in which I share a house with a few other girls. The school I've chosen to attend is located in the heart of Toronto and living down here definitely has it's perks. But one of the important reasons why I stopped blogging was because schoolwork and parties simply took it's share of time!

Aside from living changes I also underwent a few other technological changes that I hoped would better my blog and youtube channel! I realized a couple months ago that my blog was left collecting dust in a sad little corner, and thought I would do something to revitalize it.

Let's go for a little camera history...

I started my old blog back in July 2009 with ambition, a love for makeup and a small little Sony Cybershot point & shoot camera. Those were the days. It had noisy pictures, fuzzy videos and awful sound. But somehow I made do with it and blogged for an entire year with it. Wow!

Then flew to the days of June 2010, where I felt like my little Sony was totally dissatisfying and hurt the image of my newly growing blog. That was when I felt a need for change. Therefore, I looked to purchase the likes of a Nikon L110. It wasn't quite a point & shoot, but wasn't nearly as good as a DSLR. It did the job, but I wasn't satisfied.

A flash of time happened to August 2010, while knowing that I was supposed to be happy with the new Nikon, I was annoyed by the lack of depth and mediocre image quality. So I quickly sold that and made one of the most significant purchase I've ever made so far - a Canon Rebel XS DSLR. I was totally happy with it and it definitely changed the presentation of my blog forever.

Quickly fast forward to October 2012, where DSLR were finally all the rage to every Youtuber. My little aging XS lacked the video capability that now every DSLR just had to have. Since I wanted to upgrade my youtube channel, I made the deal and finally got myself a Canon Rebel T3i! It's absolutely amazing of a camera, had better image quality than my older XS and take the best videos!

Above is a random picture I took of myself that I didn't post last time I made a FOTD! Besides a new DSLR, I also made another purchase of my life which was mostly for school but also for my significant personal enjoyment. That is a Macbook Pro 13.3! I purchased it last fall and I'm typing away on it right now and it's absolutely amazing. I remember hearing about all these people raving about their MacBooks back in the days and wondering why they loved it SO much.

Now I know why! Let me just list a few reasons. The operating system is so much smoother than Windows. Hear me. I've been a PC girl my entire life and most of my family still uses PCs so I can definitely tell! It is also super easy to use and literally took me 30 minutes to adjust to the new OS. The design of the computer is beautiful with it's gorgeous silver look! Also, iMovie is simply far superior than Windows Movie Maker! Trust me, I'm not saying any of these because I'm an Apple fangirl. I personally don't prefer the iPhone/iPad interface!

There's my baby, sitting next to my other baby, the Samsung Galaxy S3!

So far this point it may seem like I'm bragging about what I use, but please keep in mind that I made these purchases over the span of around 6 months. I'm not going to lie that using my student budget I paid for everything - in fact I didn't. But I did pay for more than 50% of it and the rest was thanks for my wonderfully generous parents. 

I know you read this mom, thank you so much!

Alright enough with all the technology talks. Lets get to something girlier!

These are my Sam Edelman Lorissa Pumps!

Words really cannot describe how much I love these shoes. All my friends know that I have this bizarre love for spiked or studded shoes, and these are literally the best combination I have ever seen. I remember when I first noticed them years ago, they retailed full price for $240. No sales, ever. But the heavens were definitely singing when I found them on Hautelook for $80! With shipping and all came to about $100, but still amazing!

Michael Antonio Mills Booties

Aren't these bad boys so hot, casual and cute all at the same time? I found them at Hautelook for only $30 and really just had to have them! The speed in which I whipped out my card for these were only exceeded by the Lorissas... Damn you Hautelook! Why do you keep tempting me!

That's it! So I leave you with a picture of what I pretty much look like right now. Sorry if those post seems kind of jibber jabber and all over the place! I really needed to catch up and I'm glad to be back.



  1. stop being sooo pretty! You look like a doll :)
    the shoes are INTENSE, not something I would wear, but very very trendy :)

    Steph :)

    1. Thanks Steph! I understand not everyone would wear those shoes, but I was so excited to find them! :)

  2. Those sparkly booties are to die for! Great find!

    1. Thanks Erica! I can't wait to sport them out!