Saturday, February 16, 2013

Posh Hair Extensions Review (+ Luxy Hair Review!)

Hello darlings on a lovely weekend! I'm super happy because after this weekend I'm off for an entire week for reading week. Yay! No classes or midterms, for now. Okay lets not begin to ramble, this is a review for some cool stuff!

So today's highlight is going to be on clip in extensions. Before the set I'm going to be talking about today, I have previously owned one other set of extensions from Luxy Hair Extensions. I use extensions because sometimes I feel as though no matter how thick you hair is, you can always use some extra volume! In no ways am I calling my hair thin or short, as you will see later it's already thick without the extensions.

I purchased the Luxy Extensions back in early 2012 and was super excited to receive them as the Luxy sisters had a YouTube channel and the extensions looked super amazing. I ordered the #4 Chocolate Brown Deluxe Set in 160 grams and when it came, I was surprised. While the extensions initially seemed super soft and didn't shed, the colour was completely off from the website. It was much lighter than chocolate brown, and it was more like a medium toffee. Needless to say, I had to dye them, but it wasn't a huge problem. However, after dying the extensions they became matted and tangled, very easily. The worst part was when the clips fell off after I wore them twice and I had to sew them back on. Now that is completely rediculous.

I would not recommend Luxy Hair, not to anyone.

About these extensions:

These are Posh Hair Extensions, a company I found through some YouTubers and decided to purchase for myself. I chose #2 Dark Brown in 22"and 180 grams. Posh Hair is a relatively new company that is located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and offers 100% Remi Human Hair Extensions for relatively inexpensive prices. By relatively, it's a fair price and not like those unrealistic Ebay prices! Unfortunately there aren't many reviews online yet about this company because it is so new. These extensions come naturally straight but you can curl/wave them just like your own hair! The best thing is that shipping to Canada is super fast! (I got mine in 4 business days)

What do I think?

I am a fan of these extensions and do like them a whole lot more than the Luxy ones. I do wish that when the packaging arrived it came like the Luxy ones with a sample strip because it could definitely save some people from getting the wrong shade. The quality of hair that Posh provides is good, soft, and to be honest, practically to the same level of the $300+ ones I've felt in salons. Although one thing I  do wish is that the ends were thicker as they are a crucial part in blending your real hair into it. They're not terribly thin but could be better! I do absolutely love the length of these at 22", but they were a bit long so I trimmed them down to about 21" and they hang just below my bust.

Although these extensions are very thick, if you have naturally thick hair or a blunt cut, they will not blend very well! I had to layer my natural hair a little bit to make them blend better. 

The come with: 10 wefts total

3 x 4 clip wefts
3 x 3 clip wefts
2 x 2 clip wefts
2 x 1 clip wefts

My hair with the whole set clipped in.

- Has the look and feel of Euro-Afro-Asian hair, which blends well with most ethnicities.
- Comes in 180 grams which is more than the typical 160 grams.
- Super fast shipping to Canada.
- Great price ($159.95) for 22" clip in extensions.
- Has free worldwide shipping. (Easily saves you $10-$15!)
- Does not have the fake, shiny feeling of some extensions.
- Accurate website pictures to choose colours from. (Saves you hassle of wrong shades!)
- Clips are more durable than the Luxy Extensions.
- Offers a great variety of lengths (20", 22" and 24") unlike many extension companies these days.

- Shipping to the rest of the world takes quite a while. (7-15 business days)
- Ends are not extremely thick.
- The company does not offer sets over 200 grams, which will not be thick enough for some people.
- Does not include a tester strip to test the colour.
- My set did come with one strange clip that does not quite snap shut, but does not slip off either.
- The extensions will not blend very well for anyone with a blunt haircut. You have to either wear them curly all the time or layer your hair!

 My hair before and after the full set of extensions.

See! It's so voluminous! My hair is not short or thin to begin with but is a little short for my preference. I guess my natural hair looked cute and wavy but wow! When I added those extensions in it make my hair look so hot! I feel like it sort of resembles Katherine Pierce's look from the Vampire Diaries... Tutorial!

That's it for my review! I would recommend these and do check them out here!

PS. As I already mentioned, I purchased these myself! Oh psh, I wish I had people sending me things for free.



  1. I've heard a lot of bad things about the Luxy hair extensions ... lucky for me, I have never tried hair extensions or feel the need to buy them! I think it's because I'm extremely grossed out about any hair that falls out, even my own!

    1. Good thing you didn't try them! They were horrible :(

  2. your hair looks AMAZING! two thumbs up :]

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  8. Hi Erica! Just looking into getting hair extensions. Thanks for the review. I know now Luxy seems to have a ton of problems with shedding, but the clips are so great that you don't need to tease your hair before you clip them in because of the rubber padding. Do these Posh hair extensions have the same rubber padding? Thank you!

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