Thursday, July 26, 2012

Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara Review

I'm a self-confessed makeup junkie, addict or whatever you call it and whatever can extend my lashes and make them longer, thicker and curlier is a winner in my books. Let's begin with a little lash history. I'm Asian and as most of us have an issue with curl, I fortunately have lashes that curl themselves naturally which means I have never really used an eyelash curler. Strange right? Unfortunately, I have the curl but I lack in the length department. Don't get me wrong, they're not short in any way, just not perfect. 

 In comes Smashbox's Hyperlash Mascara, whose brand isn't exactly renowned for causing lash-envy, is causing a bit of a stir. Before trying this out in the "Try It" kit from Smashbox, I was completely unaware that their mascaras were any good. 

 Let's see how Hyperlash fairs!
The Travel Size Version

The Bare Lashes: Somewhat short, lacks volume, length and colour!

One Coat of Hyperlash: Definitely builds quickly and doesn't clump. Good for an everyday look!

Two Coats: Now that's what I'm talking about. It adds a ton of volume to my little lashes and is super dark! I hate mascaras that look grey :(

A look of both my eyes with two coats of Hyperlash

 My Review: 
I definitely think Hyperlash is one of the better mascaras on the market. It has a good formulation, a fantastic brush, super pigmentation and layers on beautifully. I can't say for people who distinctively need curl, but for those who want volume, length and colour, you should definitely consider the wonders of Hyperlash. As for negatives on this mascara, there really aren't many. There are only two downsides to this mascara and the first one is that this is a dry formula, which means it could become clumpy if you have thick lashes or pile on too many coats. The second con is the price, since I myself included are not too fond of spending $25+ on a mascara. Other than these two, there really is nothing bad about this mascara.

  Pictures of the Brush 

 I really do love Smashbox's Hyperlash Mascara and I hope you do too! Do you have this mascara? Do you like it? Let me know! 

 Erica xoxo


  1. hey girl! as a fellow beauty blogger and erica, I wanted to let you know that every girl's little addiction was one of my absolute favorite blog's of all time. no joke! so glad you re-located! I am positive this blog will be with amazing things to come & I am exited for it & you! funny story too: i am recently changing over my youtube name switching it to another account (i wanted to start making videos but didn't like the name) anyway, i was re-subbing to everyone i was subbed to on my old account, and came across your youtube. i clicked on it, remembered who you were from YT & was a little sad you didn't make videos anymore. then i seen your blog link! i have loved both your videos and your blog not even knowing they were both you until today! haha!

    on to the mascara: i really liked the hyper lash as well! i found out about it in the try it kit too- they esp. make your lashes look awesome! i noticed you mentioned your lashes are shorter. i just reviewed my b-box and I received the blinc mascara that actually tubes your lashes. that may work for you but i personally think physician's formula organic wear mascara makes my lashes extremely long. my personal fave (:

    anyway, thanks for sharing! so glad to be apart of the new blog!

    1. Wow! That made me feel very warm and fuzzy inside. It's readers like you who encourage me to continue writing on my blogs. Anyways, I will definitely look into the Blinc Mascara, thank you for the suggestion! :)

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